The Opportunities and Challenges in Web3 Gaming



The Opportunities and Challenges in Web3 Gaming

Web3 gaming is going to transmute the online gaming sphere, by providing access to low-cost transactions, and hitherto unprecedented control over their experiences, whilst also providing developers the toolkit to create games that shake the world - just like BLOCKLORDS ;). What we are seeing now is just scratching the surface of web3 gaming, and the next generation of online games, over the last year, more than $4b has been invested into the space. Web3 is changing the online gaming industry, and with a focus on amplifying the user experience through R&D and collaborations, the gaming industry is set for a big change.

What is Web3 Gaming

The advent of web3 gaming has unveiled a new world of exhilarating and immersive experiences for both casual and die hard gamers. But what is web3 gaming? Web3 games operate on a decentralised network -  known as a blockchain, giving rise to decentralised gaming experiences. But what does this mean? Well to start, due to the use of web3 technology, data is an open book, all rules and rewards are verifiable, and are absent of fraud or manipulation. As gamers, we should rejoice, as the use of this technology gives us the opportunity to own our experiences, whilst playing games securely and transparently. Could we get much closer to the ultimate gaming experience?

Opportunities for Web3 Gaming

Web3 games focus on decentralisation and ownership, and allows you, as a player, to have unprecedented control and autonomy over your online gaming experience.

1. Complete Ownership

Oh, and about those in-game assets you grinded for hours for, they are now well and truly yours. Gamers are now able to to buy, sell, trade, and even lend their in-game assets, giving them real-world value and meaning. All those seasons, eyes glued to the screen to be left with some mid skin, a bin full of red-bull and depleted serotonin are no more! In-game assets earned are now wholly owned by you. Gamers are at the center of this exciting new gaming frontier, and are rewarded for it. BLOCKLORDS will not let you settle for an experience that leaves you feeling restricted and unappreciated. You are rewarded for your conquest, and are free to do what you will with your spoils of war. 

2. Interoperability

Another quirky trait of web3 games is the possibility of interoperability.  Interoperability refers to the ability for in-game assets to be accessible across different games and platforms - in Web3 talk, this is sometimes referred to as multi-chain gaming. Players can take their digital identity with them as they switch from game to game, and since those assets are placed on the decentralised network, they will be available as long as the network exists. Overall, this enhances the gaming experience and allows for greater flexibility and diversity in the games players choose to play.

3. Monetisation

Monetisation of skill is something we have seen a lot of in the GameFi space, where plaques can earn on their skills, time, and creativity within the game. A gamers fantasy turned into reality. Some gaming models use NFTs and other tokens within the in-game economy which are used as rewards for players

4. Developer Creativity

Developers - fear not, there is much for you to explore too! The Web3 tech stack opens up a world of possibilities, allowing developers to now dream up new ways for players to earn, engage, and enjoy their games. The use of smart contracts gives developers freedom to play around and create intricate gaming mechanics and economies that may not have been possible until now.

Web3 gaming presents significant upgrades to the current gaming experience through complete ownership and transparency in the gaming experience, and with the possibility of interoperability, online web3 games will be the future and is only possible thanks to the use of web3 technology.

Challenges in Web3 Gaming

There are still challenges in the web3 gaming space, and for us to move forward, we need to overcome the following.

1. Technical Complexity

Web3 gaming poses a unique set of technological challenges, which require a thorough grasp of the technology beind it. Building and maintaining decentralized networks is a difficult task that requires acute knowledge on niche topics. However, advancements in development tools, frameworks, and libraries are making it easier for developers to build web3 applications.

2. Scalability

Scalability, one third of the blockchain trilemma and a recurring issue being faced in web3. Networks which must be able to handle massive amounts of data and transactions created by gaming apps quickly and efficiently. Investment in research and development, as well as the latest tech is necessary to tackle this challenge.While scalability is still a challenge in the wider industry, R&D efforts are etching us closer to the ideal state. As for BLOCKLORDS, we run on Immutable X, a layer 2 platform that is built on Ethereum. The gas-free digital asset minting technology allows for us to build a truly scalable game at no cost to the user, that will stand the test of time.

3. Adoption and User Awareness

To truly onboard the next million to web3 gaming, we must go beyond just standard marketing and outreach campaigns. Instead, we need to tap into the power of community to educate users on the benefits of web3 gaming and inspire them to explore the next generation of entertainment. Web3 gaming communities are the perfect vehicle to do this.  One approach could be to host decentralised gaming play throughs and events where participants play games together in a community wide event, this method has been used by, and is a great way to show the advantages of decentralised gaming and foster a  solid and engaged community.

4. Regulation and Legal Challenges

The regulatory and legal landscape for web3 is still largely a grey area, and navigating the complexities of intellectual property, data privacy, and security requires legal expertise like no other 

What Makes a Good Web3 Game?

Player Focused

Web3 gaming is all about putting the player in the driving seat. By implementing user-centered design, which simply means  the needs, wants, and limitations of players  are given a heavy weighting at every stage of the design and development process, creating gaming environments that focus on the player's needs, preferences, and enjoyment, we can reach the peak of gaming experiences. Ultimately, we want to create more engaging and memorable gaming experiences that keep players hungry for more! The massive adoption and integration with non-fungible tokens has further fuelled this. By integrating these digital assets into video games, players are given actual ownership of digital items, allowing them to trade, collect, and showcase their virtual assets, whilst maintaining a sense of ownership. Once again, this trait is focusing on the needs and wants of players, giving them real ownership of experiences. 

Collaboration with Traditional Gaming Industry

As web3 games lead the charge of the online gaming revolution, collaboration becomes ever more important. By working with traditional gaming companies, web3 games and developers can tap into their expertise and resources, bringing the best of both worlds to players everywhere. This collaboration will pave the way to the next generation of online games.


Community Building

As we touched on briefly, Web3 community building differs from Web2 community building in that it incorporates greater direct engagement and ownership by community members via decentralized governance, and really puts backing behind the saying “power to the players”. The central pillars of Web3 communities are openness and collaboration, and similar to traditional gaming communities, web3 gaming communities come together to get behind a common cause. For any web3 game, building a strong community is a non-negotiable.

Future Trends in Web3 Gaming

Coupled with the developments in VR and AR, web3 gaming is likely to reach levels of immersion that have never been reached before, allowing players to experience their favourite games and in a completely different light. We may also see the development of games that use AI and machine learning to create dynamic and responsive environments that are personalized to each player's preferences and dictated by player actions. All these developments are exciting for online web3 games

How does BLOCKLORDS use Web3 Technology?

BLOCKLORDS is a web3 medieval grand strategy game, developed by MetaKing Studios whose world and narrative are directly shaped by the players. By participating in different engaging play styles, including farming, fighting, resource management, and ruling, your decisions and skills will impact the world around you. The realm is full of opportunities, risks, and rewards. Besides, you finally get to own your assets and legacy.

BLOCKLORDS empowers gamers. By harnessing web3, the game enables players to have complete ownership of their assets and legacy, whether it be a super rare lord or lady, or a lowly farmer, you have complete control over your legacy. As mentioned earlier, we managed to overcome the issue of scalability, allowing the game to run seamlessly and efficiently. Powering the game with web3 technology, also means we don’t face the same server issues some of the other great strategy games of our time may see. The next big medieval strategy game, on a next generation tech stack, who would have thought!

MetaKing Studios have used web3 technology to create a game that focuses on one thing: Fun!  From complete ownership of assets and experiences, to creating a scalable game to last a lifetime, BLOCKLORDS is the ultimate medieval web3 game.


The emergence of web3 gaming presents the opportunity to experience gaming like never before. web3 gaming offers players greater ownership, transparency, and control over their assets and experiences, by utilising web3 technology. To fully seize the potential of this new era of gaming, the industry must embrace vital trends such as player focused design, community building, and collaboration with the traditional gaming industry. By prioritizing the needs and wants of players, web3 gaming is able to shift our perceptions on the gaming experience and offer a truly immersive and equitable experience.

So, if you're looking for a new and exciting way to experience gaming, now is the time to join the web3 gaming revolution!

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