• BLOCKLORDS is a dynamic multiplayer medieval grand strategy game where Heroes are defined by their deeds.

    The game is built on four core pillars of play: FARMFIGHTRULE, and CONQUER. Imagine if the civilization development of Age of Empires met the battle of Total War with a healthy dose of Crusader Kings’ strategy and political intrigue—now add a dash of Stardew Valley farming mechanics, all tied together by a single, fully player-owned economy, and you’ll start to have a picture of BLOCKLORDS’ gameplay.

    BLOCKLORDS gives players full freedom to shape their own legacy. Each choice players make will have a direct impact on their character, the people and players around them, and even the kingdom itself! Players can further expand their legacy and mark on the world through the game's unique Dynasty system, allowing the traits, consequences, and rewards of previous characters to continue through their own unique bloodline.

  • Farmers are the bread and butter of BLOCKLORDS. Without them, the realm would be nothing. These Heroes may seem simple on first impression, but they're the only ones capable of harvesting crucial resources necessary to progress your legacy and the realm around you. Farmers work their way from the ground up, giving players an opportunity to sow their traits in their bloodlines early on and reap the rewards for generations to come. To progress from Farmer to nobility is the ultimate flex. Are you skilled enough to separate the wheat from the chaff?

  • Later this year, we'll reveal the first Legendary Heroes and give players a chance to claim them as their own. These one-of-a-kind Heroes hail from the great founding Houses, and play an important role in the lore and history of BLOCKLORDS. They are the first Lords and Ladies of the realm, and grant immediate access to these noble roles during Early Access. You won't want to miss out on claiming a piece of BLOCKLORDS history!

  • A Banner Chest is available for free by pre-registering for Early Access. Each chest contains 5 banners, which players can exchange to claim their Hero and guarantee a spot in Early Access. Since each BLOCKLORDS Hero is 100% unique, we didn't think "first come, first serve" would be fair to our worldwide community, and created a system to ensure the fairest chances possible to claim unique Heroes. Pre-register now by clicking "Claim Hero" at the top of the page!

  • BLOCKLORDS is currently in development as we gear up for Early Access. Players who pre-register for Early Access will be eligible to claim their Hero for free for a limited time!

    Players who participate in BLOCKLORDS Early Access will be the very first to stake their claim in the world and explore the game's preliminary mechanics, including Farmers, Lords and Ladies, and resource management. Plus, they'll also be the first to begin their legacy by honing their characters' traits to be passed on through their heirs, giving them a unique foothold in the realm's history and future.

    It's important to us we build an incredibly rewarding, sustainable experience for our players that lasts for decades to come. By releasing the game in phases, we seek to actively gather feedback from our community to make the game the absolute best it can be.

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