How to Withdraw ETH from Immutable X - A Simple Guide



How to Withdraw ETH from Immutable X - A Simple Guide

Withdrawing from Immutable X can seem daunting, but it really is a piece of cake once you have the know-how. In this guide, we will take you through the steps of withdrawing assets from the Immutable X Layer 2 network, which the game runs on, back to the Ethereum Mainnet.

But first, for some context, why would you need to withdraw from IMX to ETH.

Why would I need to Withdraw from IMX to ETH

There are many reasons why one would need to withdraw assets from anywhere, but in the context of the BLOCKLORDS game, the main reason you’d need to withdraw from IMX to ETH is to transfer assets to the Polygon network. Withdrawing assets from Immutable X to Ethereum is the first step in that process.

Now onto the juice

How to Withdraw Assets from Immutable X to Ethereum

there are a couple steps which we need we need to go through to withdraw digital assets from Immutable X to Ethereum, we've broken them down here

Step 1 -  Prepare the Withdrawal

Preparing the withdrawal is the first thing you need to do in order to move assets from IMX to Ethereum, and following these steps will ensure it is done properly.

1. Wallet Actions

Firstly, head to the Immutable X market, and under your balances there will be an option to withdraw, once selected, you choose the desired token and the amount you wish to withdraw, then confirm it by clicking “Withdraw”. If you want to withdraw the maximum amount, click on your balance.

Immutable X Balance

Proceed to confirm the request with Immutable X Link and in the MetaMask popup, to confirm your identity and intent to prepare for withdrawal. Ensure that your hot wallet is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet 

When all is done, your IMX wallet should say “Preparing for Withdrawal”, and remember, only process one withdrawal at a time, you don’t want to pay for more gas than you need to!

At this stage, your assets are in the withdrawal process.

Your can check the status of your withdrawal on Etherscan, by entering your wallet address or the transaction ID

Confirming the Withdrawal

Your withdrawal will be complete once the withdrawal prompt has changed from Withdrawal Prepared, to Withdrawal Ready. This may take upto 24 hours from submitting the withdrawal

2 things to note:

  1. The details of the preparation will appear in your Transaction History
  2. Your funds will appear deducted from your Immutable X balance

If your balance does not update, refresh the page to ensure it has been updated properly - once the preparation is complete

Once you have completed those steps, you can head over to, connect your wallet, and it will provide you with a much better overview of your assets.

click "My Assets" in the top right, and it will show that your IMX tokens are currently being prepared with a Withdrawal Prepared prompt.

Phase 2: Completing the Withdrawal

To complete the withdrawal process, you just need to follow a few simple steps

1. Log in to your Immutable X Key

2. On your "My Assets" page, the prompt will change from Preparing Withdrawal to Withdrawal Ready to signify preparation has been finalized

Here's a before and after for reference.

While the withdrawal is preparing

IMX preparing Withdrawal

When the withdrawal is ready

IMX withdrawal ready

Now that your assets are ready to withdraw: 

Click on the Withdrawal Ready prompt, then click the asset you'd like to withdraw, confirm the request through Immutable X Link and sign the withdrawal request in MetaMask

heres a quick gif courtesy of IMX which shows how it will play out.

IMX Withdrawal GIF

And that’s it! Your assets are now in your Ethereum wallet. To confirm other details such as the amount transferred and fees, check your wallet address on Etherscan.

Important notices regarding withdrawals

 There will be a gas fee to bridge assets.

Gas fees can be adjusted for a faster or cheaper transaction. Or check the Ethereum Gas Tracker. However, we do not recommend manual adjustment as it may result in delaying or even failing your transaction if it runs out of gas.

The ETH value transferred will be zero as expected. Since this is a withdrawal request from your wallet [the sender] to Immutable X's smart contract [the receiver], your wallet will not send any ETH.

Now what?

You are now free to do as you like with your assets on the Ethereum Mainnet. If you want to then take your assets over to the Polygon network, check out our guide on transferring to Polygon!

For any further questions or confusion, check out this resource from Immutable themselves 

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